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  • Made for grinding log homes

  • Decrease grinder kickbacks

  • Increase safety

  • Reduce the chance of injury

  • Increase efficiency

  • Improve worker performance

  • Increases sqft/hr grinding time


Backing pads

  • Precision milled aluminum

  • 5/8" Arbour

  • 4 1/4" - 3 3/4" - 3 1/2" 

  • Allows disk flex

  • Reduces dig In marks

  • Easier beveling

  • Reduces required skill


The Slip+Disk / Slip+Flex / Slip+Nut system was developed by Sokura to reduce the hazard associated with grinding log homes and wood siding.


The Slip+Disk and Slip+Nut allow the disc to slip when bound, increasing safety by decreasing the chance of grinder kickbacks. Slip+Flex backing pads allow disc flex over uneven wood surfaces reducing dig in marks. When used together, the system increases safety productivity and quality of workmanship.


  • Stop grinder kickbacks

  • Precision milled stainless steel

  • Replaceable clutch plate

  • Low-profile 

  • Set screws tension clutch 

  • Set to disk thickness

  • Various colours for disc settings

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